Medical Tourism Industry affected by political instability in Thailand


Thailand is on its way to become the second largest economy of Southeast Asia. With its immaculate beaches that are paradise for scuba divers, Buddhist temples, thick forests, luxury hotels, and more, accounts for approximately 10 percent of the Thailand’s gross domestic product annually. However, if we talk about medical tourism prospects in Thailand, it is full of ultimate health tourism facilities and people worldwide simply love traveling to Thailand in order to seek healthcare facilities. But if some mishappening like a protest, violence or a coup takes place in a country, it certainly hampers its medical tourism.

After the army’s coup that took place last week in Thailand, several governments have cautioned their citizens to think twice before deciding to travel to Thailand in order to seek medical treatment. The political unrest in Thailand is scaring the medical tourists and they are seeking treatment in rival Asian countries.

National disorder in a country where you are trying to seek medical treatment can make you lay off your idea, as safety is of paramount importance. Safety regarding the treatment is highly important, but the place where you are going for the treatment, it also has to be free from any kind of political unrest. This is the reason why the level of medical tourism in Thailand has dropped down.

Thailand is considered as one of the top destinations for healthcare services, especially the Thai massage and herbs. With internationally certified hospitals, Thailand earned revenue of $4.31 billion from medical tourism in the year 2013. However, this year there is a fifteen percent drop in the arrival of medical tourists at Bangkok’s international airport in the first half of the year.

Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok is a competitor of Singapore medical tourism, medical tourists especially from Middle East and Europe, said that the patient arrival has fallen down in the first quarter of this year. The director of the hospital thinks that the news of violence has probably made the medical tourists postpone their trip because of personal safety issues. They hope that the things soon get back on the track.

Political volatility, 18 coup attempts from the time when the constitutional monarch of Thailand ended in 1932, all these never put down the tourism industry of the country. However, this latest crisis has resulted in a devastating fall in the tourism industry of the nation, especially the medical tourism industry.


The latest army coup has put a negative effect on the medical tourism of Thailand. In order to come over this depression, Thailand desperately needs to have stability in the nation in all respects.