Knowing the hidden costs of medical tourism


A lot of us stick to the prices that are attached to products and services without really knowing that there are various peripheral taxes and charges that will add on at the end.  Medical tourism is a complex industry wherein many components come into play, which gives it a lot of potential to carry hidden costs that can make your experience rather terrible.  Here are the possible factors that can lead to hidden costs or have implied hidden costs that the foreign patient must take care of:

Complications that arise unexpectedly:

We normally do not give this factor a serious though, but this is always a possibility when it comes to a treatment.  The thing that needs to be understood is the complications and potential risks that can be associated with a particular procedure.  Try to reduce these risks in whatever capacity and understand the clinic or hospital’s policies.

Extended hospital stay:

At time, a patient does not heal completely in the stipulated time, due to various complications.  If you end up extending your hospital stay, then you would have to pay for the additional care that you are receiving.

Additional treatment or medication at the hospital:

Your doctor might prescribe additional medication or treatment, which can be prior to, during or even after your procedure.  This is not included in the cost of your procedure and you would be charged extra for this.  Hence, it is a good idea to understand this with your medical tourism provider.

Medication that needs to be taken post-operative period and taken back home:

The clinic or hospital from where you got your procedure done would normally provide you the additional medicine that you would require post procedure.  It normally comprises of antibiotics, painkillers or even anti-clotting drugs, depending upon the requirements of your surgery.  This is usually not covered in the surgery costs.

Additional charges for hotel payments, transportation facilities and recovery facilities:

Post procedure, while recuperating in your hotel room, your hotel bed sheet might accidently get soiled.  In such instances, you should opt for surgery packages that include transportation, meals and lodging, which are quite cost effective.


The best way to save yourself from nasty and unexpected surprises would be to double check with your medical tourism facilitator or hospital liaison about providing you with a complete list of the costs along with its details that you would need to pay for, including those that might be a close possibility. You, as a consumer, have the right to know what exactly your expenses are going to be like- as you need to know how much your costs would be before, during and post surgery.