Japan putting in the effort to become a destination for medical tourists


Japan is known as land of the rising Sun and of cherry blossom which is called sakura. This pale pink flower fills the landscape of the country every spring and symbolizes importance of art and culture in Japan. The flower has become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon in the country, which inspires many of the cherry blossom festivals as well as tours around the nation.

Triple Tourists Influx

The country is trying to boost tourism industry in the country and Shinzo Abe who is Prime Minister has set a target to triple tourists coming to the country by the end of 2030. To meet this target Japan is looking to promote other forms of tourism options apart from promoting natural beauty the country has.

Support for Medical Tourism

The government is now supporting medical tourism and several medical facilities are being developed in the country to attract healthcare travelers toward Japan. Major stakeholders from medical industry have been quick enough to recognize the potential of medical tourism and need of foreign patients to get quality treatments for lesser cost.

Japan’s Edge in Technology

Japan is known for its greater capabilities in the field of technology and the country wants to utilize it and challenge some of the other hubs of medical tourism in Asia such as India, Thailand and Singapore. Japan has already started attracting medical travelers with its advanced diagnostic centers where patients can utilize the latest in CT and MRI scans, PET scans for detection of cancer and JCI accredited treatment centers ensuring quality of services. 

Cancer and Other Treatments

Japan is also a major destination for cancer treatment with many centers available for treatment different types of cancer. Among the leading institutions is Cancer Institute Hospital situated in Tokyo, which was established in 1934 and has now become an excellent facility where different forms of cancer are diagnosed as well as treated including lung, prostate, ovarian and several other forms of cancer.

Some of the other medical treatments that country is looking to provide include fertility treatment, cardiology and traditional medicine for treating problems like impotence and obesity. Japan is also trying to promote reiki, which is a traditional form of treatment in the country along with aromatherapy and acupuncture.


Japan is making it easy for medical tourist by allowing citizens of certain countries to stay in Japan with requiring a visa for up to ninety days. Additionally, now you can make use of medical stay visa, which remains valid for three years and allows you to stay in Japan for 180 days.