How medical tourism makes healthcare beneficial yet affordable


With the growing demand for cost effective treatments, medical tourism is on the boom.

Thanks to the affordable packages and offers that the developing world offers, people have no issues in combining a vacation and surgery!

The developing advantage: 

With travel for health, come various benefits that the developing nations such as Thailand, India and Malaysia promise. Patients feel comfortable and happy in deciding upon these developing nations as the new block for the treatment of an assortment of ailing.

Hence, it won’t be wrong to suggest that we are witnessing the rise of the new travel for health age.

Price comparison: 

It is estimated that a cardiac surgery might cost over $70,000 in The United States. This same surgery in the developing nations like India or Thailand might cost less than $10,000. Hence, the entire procedure along with the expenditure on plane tickets, hotels and travel would cost a lot less than 70,000$.bTherefore. Patients from Europe and the United States travel across borders for the benefits of health tourism.

With the benefits also comes the responsibility to cater to the needs of the patients and to not compromise on the standards. With the growing economy, the third world countries have better infrastructure and medical care to offer. Every Year more than 50,000 patients visit the third world for urgent or non-urgent treatments.

The edge: 

Developing countries especially India offers more than 10,000 experts and professional personnel serving the health tourists.  This health tourism age also promotes the employment ratio that in turn seeks to more and more skilled work force. Thus, this leads to the further development of health care services.

In addition, the postoperative care cost is much less in the developing countries as compared to the developed countries. South Africa offers medical safaris to medical tourists leading to better and quicker recovery. Moreover, temperate countries such as India and Malaysia offer natural beauty and meditative holiday packages for less than $1000!

For medical tourist there are many points to worry about and hence, it is important for the pre and post treatment phase to be very comfortable and efficient.  Companies and units that offer medical tourism benefits and act as a guide and supervisor for the patients travelling for health easily arrange this. These units connect the medical tourist to the appropriate health care facilities.


Cost effective and medical treatment perquisites have led to a pouring in of people from all over the world to cash in the benefits that health tourism offers. This industry being efficient and lucrative has given rise to the health travel age witnessing patients from around the globe taking medical tours.