How medical tourism influence Indian economy


Many developing countries are trying to boost their economies with the help of medical tourism. They have recognized the immense potential of this industry and now they want a piece of it for themselves. Well, there is nothing wrong in that but to be successful in this branch of tourism a country needs to have a good, stable medical and business infrastructure. There are many international and domestic hurdles that each of the medical tourism destinations have to face for providing high quality medical services and a great traveling experience to the foreign patients.

India has become one of the major medical tourism destinations around the world. Every year hundred thousands of foreign patients visit India for getting surgeries, full body checkups, and wellness treatments. The growing and thriving medical tourism industry has definitely affected the Indian economy in a positive way. The growth of the countries domestic populace and their increasing buying-power has been instrumental in helping this growth.

The corporate sector and hospitality industry are showing interest in medical tourism. They are trying to give medical tourism in India a more exciting makeover. The medical tourism facilitators in India are offering different type of medical tourism packages to the foreign patients that focus on adventure, cultural tourism, pilgrimage, nature tourism and heritage tourism. They are merging these newer and exciting branches of tourism with medical tourism to draw the attention of the medical tourists.

The foreign patients are demanding and expecting more from their offshore trips for medical facilities. The medical tourism facilitators are eager to offer better value added services and coordinated services to impress them. Understanding the requirements of the foreigners perfectly is helping India earn huge profits from medical tourism industry.

Detailed surveys reveal the nature, trends and characteristics of the medical tourism industry in India. Surveys are important for understanding the soft skill efficiency of the doctors and other medical employees along with their level of technical knowledge. Survey can also help us understand who the key players of this emerging industry are.

Survey shows that the reason behind South India’s huge success in medical tourism industry is the advancement of healthcare facilities. Another reason is the low cost of surgeries compared to the developed countries. Around 51.1% people visit India for major surgeries live heart valve replacement and knee replacement and 35.5% come to India for dental checkup and cosmetic surgeries, while 13.3% people travel for different alternative treatments.


The medical tourism industry in India is blooming. The political and economical structure of India has provided support for crossing the domestic and international barriers involved.