Dubai: A medical tourism dream coming true


The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has announced publicly that they will be giving instructions to the hospitals and nursing homes to chalk out medical tourism packages that they can offer to foreign tourists.

This is an honest initiative to start something that go a long way to encourage medical tourism all over the country and we will see both government and privately offered packages available for foreigners. With the DHA’s directive it is clear that they plan to start medical tourism in Dubai in a big way and they plan to start early. This should be a sign for the other Middle Eastern cities to be interested in medical tourism as well, because it is profiting the nation and that indirectly is profiting each citizen of the country. If the country invests in better medical facilities for medical tourism then the same facilities will also be available to the citizens. It simply means better medical infrastructure and treatment.

Anyways, Dubai is a city known for its state of the art infrastructure and world-class facilities in hospitals and nursing homes alike. They are trained in specialized cardiac operations and cosmetic surgery from some of the best medical institutes of the world. The doctors are comparable to the best physicians you can find in any other country. The people are hospitable and the city itself will astound you. There are artificial beaches, some of the best hotels of the world, casinos and all the places you can spend your money on. The lifestyle of Dubai is very opulent but that shouldn’t deter you from taking a trip to Dubai for your treatment.

Your package would include, in all possibilities, the entire treatment cost, travel and living cost and still will be cheaper than treatment at home. All the reasons to travel abroad for treatment boil down to only one thing, the treatment cost and if that is affordable people wouldn’t even mind staying back in their own country for treatment, but that hardly happens. Americans would know it well enough to trust the American healthcare system that can have outrageous prices. It is still not a very transparent process, the entire process of applying for a refund for the money you have spent on your medical bills in spite of having an insurance.


Dubai is fast becoming one of the prime medical tourist spots of the world, and in the process profiting for the country, for the citizens and giving to medical tourism what other countries should as well.