Cyprus emerging as prime medical tourism destinations in the region


Geographically speaking, Cyprus is ideally located at the crossroads between the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Americas and Africa and therefore very easily accessible. A little known fact is that travellers would visit Cyprus to be treated by Crpriot doctors as far back as 9500 BC, and Cyprus was one of the early entrants in European Medical Tourism. Since there are no medical schools within the country, all the doctors are schooled and trained abroad (read advanced countries) and therefore are capable and qualified as their counterparts.

Over the period, Cyprus has been a popular destination for many procedures, though In Vitro Fertilisation, Cosmetic Surgery, Weight Loss Surgery and Dental procedures take the biggest slice of the cake. The comparatively lower costs and the high quality of experienced professionals are contributing to the rising popularity of this as a medical destination.

As a formally established effort, Cyprus is comparatively new and therefore cannot boast of a record of accomplishment, but the number of patients is on the increase. This was helped in no small measure by the financial crisis the country went through. It forced the infrastructure to be streamlined and reformatted. The small investor was looking for an opportunity in a niche market and medical tourism was ideally suited the bill. The government and the authorities have identified UK, Russia and the Middle East as primary sources, though all countries within the EU are equally important.

The procedures currently being carried out are check-ups/diagnostic tests, elective surgery, dentistry, cosmetic and plastic surgery and wellness treatments, together with eye surgery, assisted reproduction (IVF), cardiology, neurosurgery, orthopaedic surgery and climatotherapy.

Since the doctors are trained abroad, their quality is guaranteed, add to this the excellent post procedure care and the fact the most speak Russian, Arabic, German, Italian and French makes the destination more attractive. With lower costs, virtually no waiting period, and the intangibles of 300 days of sunshine, low pollution levels, Cypriot traditional hospitality and the respect they have for all cultures and religions makes it one of the more attractive medical destinations to consider.


Cyprus is emerging as one of the prime medical tourism destinations in the region. Since Cyprus is part of the EU, all the directives have been followed in the medical field and the legislation, making it easier for inbound patients to budget the expenses.