Central Europe – The new destination for medical tourism


Medical tourism is growing in popularity everyday and more so in countries like USA where around forty million people do not have medical insurance and about one hundred and twenty million do not have any dental insurance. As per reports in 2012, almost 1.5 million US people went abroad to other countries to meet their healthcare needs. Additionally, the US citizens spent about thirty five billion dollars on medical treatments abroad and majority of these procedures were conducted in Asian as well as Latin American countries.

Medical Tourism Destination

Some of the most favored destinations for medical tourism have been Turkey, Thailand, India, Mexico and Costa Rica. Recently many of the Central European countries are also emerging as destinations for medical tourism comprising of countries such as Poland, Latvia, Hungary and Czech Republic. As of now, most of the patients going to these countries are from rest of the European countries and these countries are flourishing due to funding available from European Union.

Treatment for Complex Procedures

Many of the Central European nations have gained reputation for wellness resorts and natural spa present, as for example, Hungary has about fifteen hundred thermal springs. Now with time, the region is gaining importance for serious procedures as well such as heart surgeries and cancer treatment. Many of the treatments, which are very costly in the US, such as hip or knee replacement, are main procedures that people are going abroad for.

Central European countries hold other advantage for the US travelers as it is closer to home as compared to Asian countries and prices are very similar to charged in Asian countries plus the culture are quite similar between European nations and US and helps patients feel close to home.

Long Waiting Time

Another reason people are looking to go abroad for treatments in countries like US and Canada is that there is a long waiting time for any surgery or procedures and many patients cannot wait that long for treatment. Added with price savings, people are finding medical tourism the most suitable option to go for. An example of cost saving would be dental implants which would be $4,000 in the US while the same procedure would cost only about $780 in countries like Hungary or Poland.


It is quite clear that medical tourism is expanding all over the world and Asian as well as Central European countries are reaping the benefits of their high quality services and expert knowledge of some of the most complex surgical treatments.