Americans continue to favor destinations abroad for treatment


It is true that Americans find it sarcastic, but you cannot help it when in spite of almost-free healthcare schemes for everyone, Americans lose out more money in medical treatment than people from any other country in the world.

Till ObamaCare came, it was a completely disastrous situation for Americans when they found that there was no proper redressal mechanism to whom everyone could go with their healthcare policy problems. No one heard their silent cries and the state is just a little better for the people now. They still feel cheated of their medical bills, which are not transparent. It is not possible to gauge how much your bill can come up to during the time of treatment. Thus, more and more people are looking at travel packages offered by travel agents that include the fees of treatment, and the travel and accommodation cost as well, and if the person is inclined to take his family along, there are complete family packages available as well.

What better way to heal than to be around family, with the advantage of being in the caring hands of people who are trained professionals from some of the best medical institutes of the world. Asian countries like Thailand offer world-class medical facilities at much lower costs as compared to the US. People are not blind and they can choose what is best for them. They do not believe in a failing medical system and healthcare scheme that cannot save a family member or take your life’s savings to get a critical operation done.

Countries like Columbia, Malaysia, India, and even countries in the Middle East are profiting from the inflow of foreign medical tourists. It is predicted that more and more Americans will go abroad for treatment each year and the numbers are truly rising. If at all America wants to curb the outflow, it has to attract the people to their own country using subsidized healthcare schemes. Operation packages for critical operations and they should do as much as possible to make it affordable for everyone. Also, ObamaCare, though an effective healthcare system should be analyzed for deficiencies and corrected where possible. Otherwise, people will just keep going abroad for more affordable treatment, especially to countries close to home like Columbia where they have state of the art facilities for medical care of all kinds of people.


America needs to look into existing healthcare policies and reform them so that all kinds of people benefit from a transparent process of medical treatment.